About Us

About Me: 

I’m Jess S. Valenzuela, Both Business savvy and System Analyst and Developer.  I’m currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   I’m the founder of CyFocus and Diverse Media Corp.  I’m also the blogger of WealthHack.org and AncientColony.com

Personal Interest: 

Read Business, Financial, Economics, Investing & Technology News, Watch Documentaries, Reading & Listening to Personal Development material, Researched Ancient History, Martial Arts, Play music instrument, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Meditation, Basic Pilate, Yoga, love working out with Beach body series such as Insanity, T25, P90X, and P90x3. 



  • System Development 
  • System Analysis 
  • System Architecture Consultation 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Business Consultation 
  • Project Managing  
  • Web design & Web Development 
  • E-commerce 
  • ERP – Enterprise Systems 
  • Database – MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft Access, Excel 
  • SEO/Search Engine Optimization 
  • Domain, Web Hosting, Database and Server setup 
  • Analytics 
  • Web Maintenance 
  • Web Application 
  • CMS/Content Management System 
  • UX / UI design 
  • Cloud design and management